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    Blood River

    Movie: Blood River (2009/I) “” Director: Adam Mason Run Time: 104 min Country: USA Genre: Horror , Thriller , Western More

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    Movie: Storm (2009/I) “” Director: Hans-Christian Schmid Release Date: 30 October 2009 (USA) Run Time: USA:105 min | Germany:110 min (Berlin International Film Festival) Country: Germany , Denmark , Netherlands Genre: Drama More

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    The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi

    Movie: The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi (2009) “Dr. Anna Fugazzi is a young, attractive psychologist with a loving and devoted (albeit freakish) boyfriend, plenty of stimulating friends, and a bright future ahead of her. But beneath her perfect life and calm exterior lies a deadly secret that she herself cannot imagine, much less confront!!! There […] More

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    Countdown: Jerusalem

    Movie: Countdown: Jerusalem (2009) (V) “” Director: A.F. Silver Release Date: 24 February 2009 (USA) Run Time: USA:90 min Country: USA Genre: Thriller Tagline: The end isn't near… It's here. Trivia: Joseph is an Angel sent by the prayer of Alison’s ex-husband. As Joseph states “Your ex-husband sent me to help you find your daughter.” […] More

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    Movie: Beautiful (2009/I) “” Director: Dean O'Flaherty Release Date: 5 March 2009 (Australia) Run Time: Australia:97 min Country: Australia Genre: Drama , Thriller Trivia: This film marks the feature production debut of Adelaide-based production house Kojo Pictures. More

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    State of Play

    Movie: State of Play (2009) “A petty thief is gunned down in an alley and a Congressman’s assistant falls in front of a subway – two seemingly unrelated deaths. But not to wisecracking, brash newspaper reporter Cal McAffrey who spies a conspiracy waiting to be uncovered. With a turbulent past connected to the Congressman and […] More

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    Whiteout (2009)

    Movie: Whiteout (2009) “” Director: Dominic Sena Release Date: 11 September 2009 (USA) Run Time: 101 min Country: USA , Canada , France Genre: Action , Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller MPAA: Rated R for violence, grisly images, brief strong language and some nudity. Tagline: See Your Last Breath. Trivia: Shipped to theaters […] More